Factory Built vs. Site Built Homes

Skyline Homes - Factory Built

As you begin to look into factory-built homes, you’ll hear many terms and descriptions that might be difficult to sort through. At Skyline, we create a wide range of factory-built homes, including manufactured homes and modular homes. What does all that mean?

Factory-Built vs. Site-Built Homes

While these terms are easy to figure out, there are differences that are not immediately apparent. Yes, a factory-built home is just that…a home that is fully constructed in a factory. After the framework construction, the interior finish, countertops and cabinetry, carpet and another final finish work is completed. Factory-built homes are transported to the site and quickly assembled, ensuring minimal weather exposure. Once the sections of the house are assembled, utilities are connected and a short list of interior finish work is completed. The site will have been prepared while the home was being constructed.

A site-built home is one where all the components, right down to the lumber and fasteners are brought to the outdoor location and assembled outdoors, piece-by-piece, and exposed to the weather during most of the process.

We believe there are distinct advantages to the factory-built model.

  • All assembly is done under climate-controlled conditions. None of the building materials are exposed to the weather before or during construction. Before building materials are used, they are also stored indoors. In the construction of site-built homes, materials are exposed when stored on-site before use, and during most of the construction process until the home is fully sealed. Exposure to outdoor conditions, especially rain and moisture can cause increased expansion, contraction and warping and can increase the potential of mold problems.

  • Factory-built homes are generally stronger. They’re constructed to withstand transportation, and as a result, are sturdier once they’re on site.

  • Factory construction is more efficient. Site work and construction of your home can happen at the same time. And because all materials are on hand, there are no delays in material delivery. And weather-related delays are virtually non-existent. On average, you’ll be able to move in to your factory-built home in far less time than conventional construction.