Skyline Homes - Skycare

Your Skyline Homes retailer participates in our Skycare Customer Care Program*, which utilizes our factory service technicians to complete many of the steps, after delivery and setup, required in the completion of your new Skyline home.

When you invest in the Skycare program, we’ll inspect all aspects of your new home to ensure the highest levels of craftsmanship and to make sure you understand each and every system and appliance. And we’ll share valuable information that will help you protect your investment and enjoy your new home for years to come.

From drywall close-up and repairs to detailing to final service, we look forward to helping you begin life in your new home with complete peace of mind.

Skycare Highlights

  • Drywall inspection
  • Setup/installation inspection
  • Interior inspection
  • Detailing your home
  • Complete systems check
  • Customer orientation
  • Customer walk-through
  • Follow up

* Please refer to your local Skyline Homes dealer for Skycare options specific to your region.