Consumer safety and satisfaction is the first priority. Skyline’s skilled builders take a focused approach to every detail when constructing your home. Quality is paramount at every stage of our work, because it’s what sets a Skyline home apart from any other factory-built home you can buy. Quality Employees

At the heart of every Skyline factory are the employees who work to build your home. We employ a proud and dedicated group of people are committed to building you the best home you can get for your hard-earned money. The production staff at each location has extensive experience in the home building trades, many with more than 20 years building Skyline homes. Overall, our employees have an average of 10 years of service with Skyline, so you can rest assured that your home is built by knowledgeable, experienced professionals. Quality Brands

At Skyline we understand the importance of quality, name-brand materials and appliances. After all, this isn’t just another house; it’s your house. With names like Rheem, Delta, Owens-Corning, Coleman, Congolium, Shaw, and GE, you can be confident that your new Skyline home is built with some of the most dependable names in home construction. Quality Control

Skyline’s Quality Assurance Process is paramount in ensuring compliance with Federal Factory-Built Housing Construction Safety Standards (or HUD code). Our own in-house quality control team, as well as independent third party agencies, inspects your home during each phase of the construction process. These codes ensure that your home is built to specific structural, mechanical, plumbing, electrical, and safety standards.

Skyline also supports the Systems Building Research Alliance, The Factory-Built Housing Institute, The HUD Code Consensus Committee, and other related industry organizations. These organizations continually work towards improving and updating the building codes of factory-built housing. Consumer safety and satisfaction is our first priority. Quality Materials

All Skyline homes are built in an climate-controlled manufacturing facility with no exposure to the outside elements. The same holds true for our building material storage. We store all building materials in an environmentally controlled warehouse, with no outdoor exposure to the supplier’s recommendations. Our own internal Quality Assurance Process requires a weekly inspection of stored materials to assure they are in ready-to-use condition. Our suppliers, an independent third party inspection provider, and other governing agencies also conduct periodic inspections of our stored materials. Quality Home Design

Skyline homes are designed to enhance the quality of today’s lifestyles. We have a home to fit whatever stage of life you are in. First-time home buyers, a family that’s growing, or an empty nester can all find homes to fit their needs. Our design team had created a portfolio of floor plans, decors, and optional amenities to ensure the flexibility needed to satisfy your housing needs.