A great meal will always be within reach ...

Skyline's newest innovative kitchen design puts everything you need right where you need it. A beautifully appointed room designed and filled with thoughtful details and modern conveniences, Kittopia makes every meal a special occasion.

Effortlessly Entertain

  • Stainless steel stove with front controls (available in gas or electric)
  • European-style range hood
  • Dual spice rack/utensil holder above stove
  • Stainless steel farmhouse with colander, drying rack, cutting board and protective base rack accessories
  • Black and brushed nickel faucet
  • Horizontal pull-out cabinets with LED lighting and glass inserts
  • Wine rack above the refrigerator
  • Adjustable TV
  • Movable utility island

Ask your Skyline Homes retailer how you can get the Kittopia!